American Hero or Traitor

Today, it was revealed that M. Mark Felt, former number two man at the FBI during the Watergate scandal, admitted 'I'm the guy they used to call "Deep Throat," in a forthcoming article in Vanity Fair magazine. A secret that has been kept for more than 30 years, original WaPo reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein confirmed the admission.

In providing deep background for the Post reporters, Felt continually pointed them in the right direction. Without Felt's help, and that of many other sources, the Watergate scandal may never have been kept alive by the media, and President Nixon might never have resigned from office.

The question is, Did Felt do the right thing in the right way? What was his motivation? and does it matter? Felt had a personal as well as a professional axe to grind, but is it possible that the right thing was done for the wrong reason?


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