Condi Rice strikes the right note

In an appearence before the Commonwealth Club of California, Secretary of State Condileeza Rice received a warm reception in the least likely of places, San Francisco. As reported in WaPo, she brilliantly tackled the issue of Iraq's awkward, slow transition to democracy:

She acknowledged that Iraq's new government has had difficulties, but she said the leadership has not made a compromise "as bad as the one in 1789 that made my ancestors three-fifths of a man, so let's be humble about what they're going through."
We in the US must be careful to remember that our own democracy did not spring forth fully developed from the minds of the Founders. Just consider Native Americans and African-Americans, and you will recognize the long road to imperfection. It has taken more than two hundred years to achieve a democracy that, great as it is, allowed Abu Ghraib to happen.