Brits suspend referendum

Celebrating D-Day (June 6) in snarky style, Foreign Minister Jack Straw announced to Paliament that there would be no referendum on the European Constitution in the United Kingdom.

"Until the consequences of France and the Netherlands being unable to ratify the treaty are clarified, it would not in our judgment now be sensible to set a date for a second reading. There is also the need for further discussions with European Union partners and further decisions from European Union governments."
Even more choleric was Dr. Liam Fox, the Tories' shadow foreign minister, as quoted by the BBC:

He said the constitution, which had been "comprehensively rejected" by France and the Netherlands was "bad for Britain and bad for Europe".

"Yet, the political dinosaurs at the helm in France and Germany and the army of Eurocrats whose careers depend on the gravy train act as though nothing has happened.

"What is it about 'no' they don't understand?

"I may no longer practice medicine, but I can tell a corpse when I see one and this constitution is a case for the morgue if ever I saw one - this is a dead constitution," he told MPs.

The question now is: Can the elites accept 'no' as an answer? I doubt it.