Bush meets Vietnamese PM

Both WaPo and the BBC reported that President George W. Bush met with Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai today, the first such meeting since the end of the Vietnam War in 1973. Bush praised the communist leader for his country's willingness to help account for missing American soldiers.
"I want to thank the prime minister for his government's willingness to continue to work on finding the remains of those who lost their lives in Vietnam. It's very comforting to many families here in America to understand that the government is providing information to help close a sad chapter in their lives."
Arizona Senator John McCain, a former Vietnam POW, called for further human rights improvements in the communist country.
"We have every right to expect the Vietnamese to make significant improvements in human rights and religious freedom. They have taken some steps. ...Our message throughout the world is that we expect progress toward democratic freedom, human rights, elections and all the trappings of democracy."
Bush announced that he will visit Vietnam next year, while the Prime Minister will continue his meetings with American business leaders.

Once again, the US is confronted with the role of human rights in the developing world. Vietnam wants into the World Trade Organization, but are they ready for this? Should the WTO be used as a tool to ellicit further reform for Vietnam, risking a backlash from communist hardliners, or will capitalism lead to a more liberal democracy and further reform?