G8 discusses debt relief for Africa

As the finance ministers for the G8 countries meet in anticipation of the full G8 summit, Tony Blair's British government is pushing for African debt relief. George W. Bush has already promised to support the Blair agenda--an obvious quid pro quo for Iraq.

Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank and former deputy US Secretary of Defense, stopped by enroute to a fact finding mission in Africa. His closeness to the Bush administration certainly bodes well for the project. Wolfowitz is completely committed to helping Africa overcome its vicious cycle of poverty.
"I have watched East Asia--my home for several years--and parts of Eastern Europe--make strides that many of us never thought we would see, but Africa has continued to struggle. Believing that Africa's plight has no effect on the rest of the world is not only naive, it's morally wrong."
Who will qualify for debt relief? and what will hurdles will those countries have to jump through. France and Germany, of course, and Japan seem the most hesitant members of the G8. Are they being obstructionist because ot is Britain and the US or simply out of hypocritical self-interest (oil for food, anyone?)?