Media Bias

I just finished watching President Bush's speech from New Orleans on the destruction of hurricane Katrina. He sounded all the right notes, but only time will tell whether his administration and the American economy can follow through with all the promises. The promised investigation of the federal response--involving all Cabinet offices and a separate Congressional investigation, is exactly what needs to be done. Expect to see those who claim the governemtn cannot investigate itself and therefore and special investigator should be appointed. This is utterly ridiculous and the desire should be resisted. Bush promised that the Crescent City will rise again from the swamp that is the Gulf Coast.

One moment of the mainstream media's bias showed itself in ABC News's Dean Reynolds who was interviewing evacuees outside the Astrodome in Texas. He was pressing hard for a negative reaction form someone, but they refused to give him what he wanted. They faulted their local government, making reference to the buses that sat in garages instead of being used in the evacuation. One woman even owned her own responsibility, saying she could have left before the hurricane, but she did not believe it would be as bad as it was.


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