New Orleans, Katrina, and poltical demagoguery

It has been almost a week since Katrina launched her devestating attack on the Gulf Coast of the US. Since then, we have witnessed what may be the great natural disaster in American history.

First, each of us has duty to help. Watching people who have traveled from all over the country--doctors, nurses, even lawyers--to help has been inspiring. The response has exemplified the very best in human nature. For those of us who cannot drop everything and head down South, we cannot dig into our pockets. Here's a partial listing of charities who are already working feverishly in the area:

Having visited New Orleans for the first time this summer, I am profoundly saddened by the destruction that has engulfed this unique city, as well as Biloxi, Mobile, Pass Christian, et al. I cannot watch the media coverage without tearing up, and I hope to do something extraordinary to help the effort to save the Crescent City. (I will keep you posted.)

What has been driving my to the brink of insanity is the poltical demagoguery that has dominated both mainstream media and the blogosphere. A time will come when this response to Katrina must be evaluated. This is not the time, especially when it is meant to garner politcal capital for the next election. Here is a brilliant analysis of the situation. Read it.