New Orleans Looters

Today's NY Times reports on the rumored crime wave that struck New Orleans after Katrina. It is all very telling, mostly about Mayor Ray Nagin and his lackey, now former Police Superintendant Edwin Compass. Based on their rumor mongering on the national news alone, not to mention Nagin's '10,000 dead' comments, they should both resign.

As an aside, here is a perfect example of what is wrong with the educational system in our country:
The jewelry and antique shops in the French Quarter were basically left untouched, though squatters moved into a few of the hotels. Only a small grocery store and drugstores at the edge of the quarter were hit by looters, he said.

"Not one piece of educational material was taken - the best-selling books are all sitting right where they were left," Captain Canatella said. "But every $9 watch in the store is gone."
When thieves can't be bothered to steal the good stuff but only steal junk, you know there is something wrong.