Living in Valley Forge

So I have been living in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania for a week now. I live near the country's largest mall, located in King of Prussia, and when driving the unlit pitch dark winding roads, I have to be careful that a deer does not freeze up in front of the Saab, causing ridiculous amounts of damage. Just a stone's throw from my apartment are horse farms. For those who know me, this may seem, at first glance, like suburban hell, but it gets better.

I found my way to Starbucks, discovered the local Barnes & Noble, and happened upon Trader Joe's. Whole Foods is not far away, and there is a local cheese shop and a French bakery with one of the best chocolate croissants I have had this side of the Atlantic. There are a number of local parishes, and one even offers perpetual adoration. There are pubs a plenty in the area, some with decent grub. To top everything off, I am just a half hour away from Philadelphia and its many artistic and cultural offerings. Oh, and there are three distinctly great pubs that regularly show English Premier League games. At the Dark Horse on Society Hill, I watched my beloved Liverpool dismantle Bolton 4 - 0. There really is nothing like a pint, an Irish breakfast, and Liverpool at ten in the morning.

Best of all, so far, I have a new job at the Freedoms Foundation that I think I am really going to like, and a great apartment that is just 100 yards from my office. I miss Boston, my friends and my students, but there is a new adventure beginning, and the timing could not have been better. I needed the change, so bring on what life has next.


Nicole said…
It's so great to hear a little bit about what's going on there. It sounds great. Find any good sushi joints yet? Keep the pics coming!