Democracy in Iran?

The Iranian elections have been proven once again to be the fraud tyranny relies upon, pretending to serve the will of the people, but really just securing their own power. It seems that a reall protest movement has been born of this fraud. Led by their students, and most importantly, their women, Persian society is exhibiting what I hope is the first signs of re-mergence from the Islamic Revolution that is thirty years old. Persian society, that ancient and beautiful society, that shares nothing with the fundamentalists who oppress their intellectuals, their women, and their own history, has taken a book from the Chinese protestors of Tienaman Square, refusing to lay down in the face of overwhelming force. Hopefully, these brave souls can hold on, and the world will begin to apply the pressure that can afford Iran to emerge from three decades of darkness.

The following pictures are from's Big Picture. Please visit to see the complete set. These are the ones I found most poignant. Notice the dignity of the protesters in the face of violence, abuse, and death, even to the point of rescuing an Iranian police officers.