85c Cafe and Bakery

I have discovered a new use for salt. Hooray! Well, to be honest, I didn't discover this new fabulousness; I just sampled it for the first time. Those who are pushing the culinary boundaries are the baristas at 85c Cafe, a Taiwanese coffee house new to the US.

Now that I have completely buried my lead, how are they using salt in new and delicious ways? Why in coffee of course. More specifically, they blend an Anne Burrell sized pinch of salt in the creamy foam they top their iced and hot coffee. I can't stop licking my lips! I love this stuff. Of course, I love salt, so....

What this salty foam does is bring out the delicate flavors inherent in the sweet and bitter coffee. Together, it satisfies every flavor area of your tongue, and what could be better than that?

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Location:Irvine, CA