First dinner in California

So I'm in Southern California for work, and of course I am relishing some great meals in the next week, lots of sushi and Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. Tonight though, I decided to stay in and create a simple dinner inspired by my time in Barcelona recently.

I started by dropping by the Farmer's Market in LA where I stopped by the Monsieur Marcel Market. Their sardine selection was pretty substantial, so I decided to build a meal around their salty oily goodness. When I asked at the cheese counter for something to go with my delectable little fishies, I was presented with a lucious raw sheep's milk cheese from France called Tomme du Levezou. It is sharp and tangy with beautiful mouth feel. It was a perfect complement to the sardines.

With a fresh baked baguette in hand, I just needed a bit of vino. The Market has a great selection of wines, but it was the roses that kept jumping out at me. The one that caught my eye was a Cote de Provence called Sables d'Azur. It starts sweet and finishes dry with nice structure for a rose. It wouldn't overwhelm the sardines and cheese, which was paramount.

For dessert I couldn't resist the delicate French macroons that seem to be ubiquitous in food magazines of late. These ridiculously expensive pastel cookies came in four flavors, chocolate, caramel, pistachio, and coconut. They were worth every penny. Ranier cherries I discovered at a stall in the market outside rounded out this perfect little meal.

Best of all, there is plenty more for tomorrow.