Philadelphia Union v. Chivas USA

One of the things I love most about attending Union games and sitting in the River End as a member of the Sons of Ben, the Union's supporters club, is the chants, particularly the ones that are made up on the spot. Often, the target of these riotous taunts is the opposition's keeper, who is forced to spend half the game just a few yards from some of the most rabid fans in the country.

Today's target was number 22, Chivas' goalie Zach Thorton, a rather large and stocky man. The best of the day went something like this, "Where's your cupcake? Where's your cupcake? Where's your cupcake 22? Already had one; shouldn't of had one. Where's your cupcake 22?" the fact that we were singing after we scored our first goal made it even sweeter.

The runner up for goalie chants was a call and response, question and answer ditty that went, "Who's got man boobs? Thorton's got man boobs!"

The LOL moment of the game was when one the regular season ticket holders near me shouted, "Hey Slimfast..."

The best non-keeper cheers went after Chivas USA's as a team. The best included, "You're the Clippers" and "Not the real Chivas" and "We beat the real Chivas."

Union won 3 - 0, which made the cheering even more fun!

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Location:PPL Park, Chester, PA