Quote of the Day

This is from Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post one of my favorite columnists writing today. He was writing about the partisan grousing about President Obama's trip to India.

"It is protested that Britain's prime minister took a British Air flight when he traveled here in July. So what? To be blunt about it: A once-imperial middle power flies commercial; America flies colossal. Why do you think we built that 747 flying palace emblazoned with the presidential insignia - if not to land to awestruck crowds wherever it goes?"

Nothing like being an unapologetic American imperialist. My hero!

Krauthammer is right on his larger point as well. India is the future, and a potential balance to Chinese hegemony in the region.


Unknown said…
It's also so we can wage war from anywhere, at all times, on all fronts. I may be libertarian, but I still have that longing for empire ;-)