An Ode (of sorts) to Fernando Torres

I'm sorry you lost faith. I understand that you came to Liverpool FC to
advance your career, bringing glory to yourself and the club. You were our idol, and under Rafa you flourished. Of course, things were complicated by Hicks and Gillett. They were terrible stewards of the club, and ultimately did not support you or Rafa, much less the supporters.

Fernando I understand that you see you career and your legacy in grand terms, winning everything. Though you won the World Cup with Spain last year, your contribution was in getting there, but not at the three weeks where the world watched to see if Espana could finally succeed where other failed. On top of that, you had only to look forward to returning to Anfield with the lackluster Roy Hodgson at the helm.

With only three or four years left to make your mark and win the Premier League, I realize that the clock is ticking, and then Chelsea came calling. You turned them down once, but after the miserable start Liverpool suffered through, a ridiculously overpriced offer to both LFC and your personally became irresistible. Not only would the club make a tidy profit (which you knew) but your family would never want for anything again. You saw the Champions League calling, and maybe the EPL too.

I wish you could have had faith in King Kenny. In just days he worked his magic and your form began to return. Imagine what might have happened with half a season, and then another and another. By then though, you had already lost faith. Daglish was (and still is) only the caretaker manager, and you future would have still been uncertain. There is no guarantee of the Reds finishing top four and returning to Champions League football. So the cacophony of voices and arguments convinced you to leave the Kop behind.

I wonder, two weeks later, if you have begun to regret your decision yet. I believe eventually you will. There are few guarantees in life. Roman Abramovich may be more dedicated to his plaything than Hicks and Gillett were to theirs, but who know if Carlo Ancelotti will even be at Chelsea at the end of this season. The top four is looking very difficult for you new team as they are in free fall. It is quite possible that next year you will have no Champions League football, not premier league title, and no adoring fans.

There are few guarantees in life, but here's one. Stevie G will always be a Liverpool legend. He too was wooed by Abramovich's billions and promises of glory, but Captain Fantastic chose to remain true to the Kop faithful. Should he never score another goal, he would still remain in the football pantheon of Reds glory. El NiƱo, you were on your way to join the pantheon, but now you are just another tragic figure like Michael Owen.

There is one other guarantee I want to share with you. John W. Henry is committed to winning. Though he might not have been able to say what you needed to hear, he speaks loudest with action. My beloved Red Sox won everything twice within four years of his takeover. Do not be shocked Nando, should Liverpool win the League for the nineteenth time while you are still at Chelsea.

I do not hate you Fernando. I will not burn your kit or send it to young footballers in Africa as some of my fellow Reds have. No, I will pity you for your loss of faith. Good luck. You are one of the world's best, and for a little while, you were one of us. YNWA.

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