2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show

Today I went to the Philadelphia International Flower Show for the first time. Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, this is the world's largest indoor flower show. The theme this year is "Springtime in Paris," and they really nailed it. With its own Eiffel Tower that lights up on the hour and carousel animals constructed completely of flowers, the show captured in a multitude of ways, the many things that make Paris one of my favorite places to visit.

The following are my photographs from the event. Congratulations to all those who created these marvelous works of art.

First are a series of carousel animals created by local florists at Valley Forge Flower in Wayne, PA. They are in fact very near where I live.

From the Paris Underground exhibit at the flower show, riffing on graffiti art and the macabre.

Each of the pictures below was created solely out of flower petals. Magnificent work!


Adoralice said…
It must have smelled heavenly!