Oktoberfest 2011

Vacation this year started in Munich, on our way to Salzburg and Venice. By happy coincidence, Oktoberfest was in full swing, and my travel companion, Catherine, and I decided to have lunch at Bavaria's centuries old celebration. The only comparison I can make for those who have not been is to a state fair, but bigger and with significantly more beer.

A gigantic beer for a guy who prefers scotch, bourbon, and wine. It was delicious though.

Catherine's first beer ever. She did quite well.

A standard litre of beer at Oktoberfest.

Lunch included a wurst salad, rye bread, and veal sausages.
One of the many "tent" where eating, drinking, and general merriment takes place.

Inside the tents; each is different, according to the brewery that runs it.

Chocolate covered peppers.

The only thing on a stick that I saw was this fish, roasting whole like a rotisserie chicken.

The crowds of Oktoberfest.