Top Reasons to Visit Istanbul for My Next Vacation

1. Hagia Sophia--The great Byzantine church cum mosque cum museum. Built by Emperor Justinian and completed in 537.

2. Blue Mosque--Built by Sultan Ahmet I to rival Hagia Sophia, the Blue mosque gets its name from 20,000 blue ceramic tiles that line the walls.

3. Whirling Dervishes--Followers of the Muslim poet Rumi, the Dervishes' dance is a mystical expression of Sufism.

4. Turkish Baths--The hamam is steam bath, a scrub, and a massage all in one. 

5. The Grand Bazaar--Sixty streets, 5,000 shops, two mosques, with rugs and restaurants and more. 

6.Culinary Tour--Think kebabs, baklava, Turkish delight, and chicken pudding 

7. Egyptian Spice Market--Every spice under the sun, with dried fruits and seeds and nuts to boot. 

8. Turkish Coffee--Quite possibly the strongest coffee brewing method on earth, with no real attempt to filter out the grounds. Just let them settle, and sip away.

More to come...


Sara said…
Seems obvious -- and awesome!
Anonymous said…
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