Tan Dun's The First Emperor

Mimi Le Duck


Joseph Volpe's Metropolitan Opera

Sophia Coppola and Marie Antoinette

Pulitzer Prize Winning Washington's Crossing

Preservation Hall Jazz Band brings N’Orleans to Boston

Nathan Lane in Butley

John Marshall v. Thomas Jefferson

Dan Silva's The Messenger

Jet Li's Fearless

The Black Dahlia

Fall's first yawnfest...The Covenant

Dennnis Lehane's Coronado

A Visit to Idlewild

I hate snakes...but I love Snakes on a Plane

Christina's Homage: Back to Basics

Alan Folsom's The Exile

The Stolen Child

Shakespeare on the Common

The Mayflower Revised

The Lady in the Water

The Whiskey Rebellion

Less than impressed...

The Assassin's Touch

The Lost Van Gogh

Madonna's Confessions Tour in Boston

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The Devil Wears Prada